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Best Therapy to Stop Gambling Addiction

There are many gambling clubs that are online as well as land based clubs. New visitors and youngsters gets lure towards the casino’s varieties of gambling games. The design and the rich atmosphere embeds in the heart and mind of every newcomer to try it. And after a few days or weeks they come again with a kind of attitude in them. Thus the visiting frequency increases and it becomes a habit or generally we call it an addiction. Such addiction has several bad consequences in the future. 

If you are gambling then gamble in moderation keep your mind open. You have other things in life to look after, don’t just randomly or play as an unplanned player. Gambling had finished the rich people, it also made poor a rich one and also made the rich the most rich one. So it’s just a kind of unpredictable thing or game. Don’t make it an addiction. Just play for your relaxation.

What is a Gambling addiction?

There is a research record from the National Council on Problem Gambling that around 2percent of Americans’ lives gets affect because of gambling. You can observe your gambling actions. 

Gambling is a socially acceptable thing just like playing a lottery system. It is an accepted behavior. If gambling addiction doesn’t get treats at the alarming point then it negatively affects your finances, relationships and other aspects of life situations. Gambling addiction leads one’s life down to the valley. 

Types of gamblers

According to the council of gambling, people who are compulsive in gambling are the two types of people. Mainly the first type is Action Gamblers and other types are Escape gamblers.

  • Action Gamblers 

This type of gamblers start developing the addiction during their adolescence period. Once they got addict at that age then it’s very difficult to get rid of gambling habit and come back. Thus it takes 10-30 years before treatment to know actually they are addict.

  • Escape gamblers

Such gamblers often feel shame, low respect, and are in constant self doubt. The people who fall into an escape gambling journey actually start their gambling at 30 years of age.

Escape gamblers normally lean towards karma based games, for example, slot machines and bingo. They can foster a habit in practically no time. Escape gamblers as speculators normally look for help inside the initial few years of dependence. They are bound to look for help and quit betting forever.

Addiction Symptoms

Below are some of the following symptoms which help to detect whether the person has Gambling addiction or not :

  • Preoccupy with any type of gambling
  • Gamble to feel better
  • Neglecting to control your Gamble
  • Avoiding work or different responsibilities to bet
  • Ignoring bills and costs and involving the cash for betting
  • Offering assets to bet
  • Stealing money to gamble
  • Lying about your gambling habit
  • Feeling sorry after a betting session
  • Facing bigger challenges while betting

Therapy to stop Gambling addiction

There are many therapists to remove that addiction forever. Just find them around. It’s never too late to get the best and effective treatment. There are also assessment tools which are helpful to determine the severity of the situation.

Theory are like :

  • Gam Anon’s Website – This website does informal assessment with the help of tools
  • The brief Biosocial Gambling Screen – This assess with three item survey, that tell whether to consider for professional help or not.
  • NORC Diagnostic Screen for Gambling Problems Self administer – It is also known as NODS-SA. It is self- administered. It can help you determine whether your gambling behavior meets the addiction criteria or not.

Gambling addiction treated with several below points :

1. Inpatient Rehabilitation program

This treatment is done through admitting to the rehab center. Only gambling people who are not capable of stopping gambling can visit an inpatient center. Also, those who can not avoid going to gambling events. For such reasons, the program needs a patient to stay for at least 30 days to an entire year.

2. Outpatient Rehabilitation Program

This program helps patients to come out of gambling addiction. Outpatients means the people can participate in the rehabilitation program from their own space. They don’t need to go to a rehabilitation centre physically. Such outpatients can gets treat from outside itself. Patients can do their daily work, jobs or school and colleges while attending the outpatient rehab program. They need their patients to have one on one interactions and need to participate in rehab online group sessions or live events. 

3. On Medication

There are many such patients too who are undergoing several mental issues. Because of that they used to gamble more frequently and developed an addiction. So there is a need for medication for their help to overcome their gambling urges. To lower the medications you need to develop better impulse control. 

4. Lifestyle Changes

There are severe financial consequences of gambling. Its recovery process is a very slow and hard part of life. Gamble addicted patients need to change their lifestyle just avoiding places which can trigger your urge for gambling events. Stop going to events like sporting and casino clubs as well as playing online casinos.As you are in a financial crisis phase, just opt your financial responsibilities on your spouse or a true friend. That too till you get out of the gambling addiction zone. 

5. Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is Cognitive behavioral therapy. Along with the group directing or supporting meetings, you may likewise profit from one-on-one treatment. Betting compulsion can originate from more profound passionate or avoidance issues. You should manage these basic issues to change self destructive examples, including your betting fixation. Guiding gives you a spot to open up and resolve these issues. In this therapy the professionals try to go into your past several incidents and remove each event from mind. They manipulate your mind in a positive direction and burn out the addiction urges permanently. Their clouding logical and practical mind gets clear and the real importance of the future gets implant in them.

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